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  • 17/Jun/2021

    When thinking about magic I generally like to think of it as "quirky laws of physics that nobody bothers asking why it works", but independently if it's this or truly supernatural, in scenarios where magic exists, when doing something, which part of the act stops being supernatural and starts being normal science? At some point the magic will start interacting with the natural world.

    If someone conjures a fireball, is the fire itself (ionised air) being created out of nowhere, or are they actually creating a fuel and a spark and the fire is from normal combustion?

    When making something float, are they making the object ignore gravity somehow, or are they applying a measurable force (Newtons) to the object to raise it?

    If you do a healing spell, is the spell creating nutrients for the body to consume and heal for itself, or is the spell for fixing the damaged tissue directly?

    If you turn something into something else, for example turning some object into gold, is it replacing each atom of the object with an atom of gold (keeping volume), or is it recombining the existing protons and electrons to make gold atoms(keeping mass)?

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  • 🐲 Thoughts on movie about a long pink dragon 14/Jun/2021
  • 13/Jun/2021

    Why are job listings always

    - "Intern for a few months"
    - "Specially on 3rd to 5th semester of college"
    - $ (quite less than minimum wage)
    - "You'll do small tasks helping our senior employees as needed..."
    - Requisites: A bunch of stuff, including: busniess thinking, 4 years of experience,
        can make own app in a week, perfect english (is Brazil btw), accounting, telemarketing,
        graphic design, up for extra hours, own workstation, own transport, social networking

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  • 10/Jun/2021

    welp, now I'm in love with Mystery Science Theater 3000

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  • Some tech opinions (1?) 07/Jun/2021
  • 04/Jun/2021

    🐲 -( ... )
    I was thinking, and maybe for others it's a bit hard to understand the implications of having leaves as part of your body, so I decided to list a few things to share for now.

    • Sunbathing, very often. Having an open window for 12 hours a day is fine, though I also like darkness, and I like to be in it for some time
    • Insects, yes I have flowers sometimes, but they don't need polination, so bees being attracted to it is just annoying (I don't like insects)
    • [The ones on the face and tail] are very useful to tickle people, lol
    • No, these ones don't fall on Fall, they are tropical, not deciduous

    Hope you found any of these interesting ^^__^^

    (about) Trying something for fun, posts with '🐲' are from the perspective of me as my sona (did I mention I'm still furry trash?), though if I am to do a lot more of these I could hae another posts section just for it. Also for fun, comment on these as if talking to 'em, or not.

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  • 25/May/2021

    Most 'rhythm' games are actually about extremely fast arbitrary movement and being able to react to a thousand circles coming towards you at mach 20 while remembering which of the 4 buttons to press, with some vague connection to the beat but just that, no real use of the song itself as part of gameplay, you can see that on stuff like Guitar Hero/DDR type games, osu!, and many others.

    The only games I've seen that are more about the actual rhythm are Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Doctor and (official levels of) A Dance of Fire and Ice, where doing good is not about trying to react to hundreds of things flying to you, and in fact the visuals are more to be appreciated or as a distraction, but internalizing the rhythm, tempo, arrangement and sound cues to have an almost instant automatic response to the tunes, while actually appreciating it, as you must pay attention to the sound, also being simple to play, only requiring one button or few at a time to play. They for me create this really good sensation when you are doing good that you are actually going with the flow of the song, still stressed, but a fun stress, instead of being stressed that I missed because I can't move my mouse fast enough to hit circles appearing all around the screen that I have one millisecond to react to.

    Not that I hate the previous games, just that I don't find their approach at being rhythm games (as in being not about rhythm at all) fun, I want to play a rhythm game for the music and the feeling of flowing with it, not going trough some test for super-human reflexes.

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  • [English people] Stop caring so much about language mistakes 20/May/2021
  • 18/May/2021

    You know what would be nice, if GTK, or most programs in general (Electron, wxWidgets, even some Qt) didn't treat non-GTK programs as second class.
    I use Plasma (btw), and it's quite annoying how unless I'm using a KDE program, nothing will respect my DE preferences like default programs, file dialogs window borders, it always defaults to some GTK setting or don't work at all.

    Is it that hard to remember Linux != only Gnome1 I'm not asking GTK programs to follow my Plasma theme (it's impossible and I can live with the absolute unglyness that is adwaita2) just, respect my darn fonts and file dialogs.

    1. specially when the Gnome devs like to be the Apple of Linux software and go out of their way to make so only their stuff works and it's broken for veryone else, but that's a rant for another time 

    2. GTK's inexistent real theme engine and the 'Please don’t theme our apps' things is another (irrelevant in the real world) can of worms that is also related with Gnome's doucheness 

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  • 16/May/2021

    Transpilers: 'compilers' that 'compile' from one language source to the source in another language

    Why? What's the point? If at the end of the day your code has to be in the target language, you still need to know something and use it to do more complex things like using modules and interfacing, so you might as well use it for everything and simplify the pipeline and have less risks of bugs because you depend on some third party program.
    Also, why not simply cut the middle-man? If you are transpiling to C, go all the way trough and compile to a binary or LLVM IR, if the target is Lua, compile directly to the LuaVM bytecode.

    Transpilers also ruin the point of interpreted or JIT languages, the cool aspect of them is that you can change your code, save, and have the result run instantly, but now you have the 'compile' step that adds a level of complexity and indirection.

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  • 14/May/2021

    How do you compete as a communication platform like a chat program or a social media.
    Specifically, how do you get off the ground in the first place?

    For a service where the main point is to talk to/see other people... it doesn't matter how many cool features you have if there is no one [you'd want] to talk to/see there, so you end up in this circle situation of "no users, so no one joins, so no users, so no one joins, so no users", unless a bunch of people decide to swtich to it in a short time and stick until it becomes the 'status quo'.

    Also, the main goal of any communication service is to become the status quo, people of course use multiple services, but no one uses multiple all with the same relevancy, it can get unpractical to manage multiple friends lists and threads in different places, and it's also harder for someone to want use two services that are in the same area.

    See this with things like Signal (to Whatsapp) or any attempt at an YouTube or Twitch alternative

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  • 11/May/2021

    tfw you want to do self-host, but you don't have a server (or the internet stability for one) or the money to shill for some hosting service1.

    1. Maybe if the BRL was closer to USD, right now it's really hard for me to have the equivalent of 10$ casually laying around 

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  • Being ignored 01/May/2021
  • Why flying cars suck 30/Abr/2021
  • 28/Abr/2021

    Very specific dumb thing I've found by chance, if you go into any browser debug console, navigator is a valid command that will return browser information, most interesting appName: "Netscape".
    Apparently it's for some compatibility reason.

    So I guess saying you use Netscape is still a valid and accurate affirmation ;)

    (can this be considered an anecdote?)

    btw, installed Edge just to test this, and, it unironically is a pretty nice browser, still will use Firefox, but Edge is cool (for a Microsoft made Chromium-based browser)

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  • 27/Abr/2021

    I cannot spell <div> it always ends up as <deiv>

    btw, did you like the update?

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  • 25/Abr/2021

    This is a more ranty post, again, feel free to tell me how I'm wrong

    IRC is 'cool' and all (and I still use it for some stuff), but let's be honest here, it's not really a good alternative to modern chat services. It lacks so many features that are standard on even the most basic modern service. Yes you could implement things on top of it, but good luck getting every client on board with your 'IRC flavour'.

    • No media support
    • Unformatted only line text only
    • Unencrypted
    • No way to get messages when not online
    • No audio/video
    • No real way to save 'contacts'

    I know Matrix exists, it also sucks (all clients are still basically beta, only one of them has the complete-ish specification and it still is very janky).

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  • 23/Abr/2021

    Suddenly got a craving for something quite specific, a zombie apocalypse tabletop RPG campaign

    if there is one and someone would be up to, PLEASE TELL ME

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  • 21/Abr/2021

    Thought process of when I'm interested in talking to someone:

    1. Worry about: I'm being dumb for expecting people to come to me, but me going after people feels me being needy
    2. Worry about how to start a conversation without being a weirdo or annoying
    3. Worry about not appearing uninterested but not too pushy
    4. Worry about not looking boring, but not being too full of self
    5. Worry about having topics to talk about but not being overwhelming
    6. Worry about not appearing like I want the conversation to end, but also not trying to be pushy about continuing
    7. Worry about wether or not the person doesn't hate me enough to not be annoyed if I try talking to them some other time
    8. Worry about wether the person is only putting up with you as a courtesy
    9. Worry about being a creeper for trying to talk to them multiple times or just a rando for not trying to talk to them multiple times

    Come to conclusion: It's too hard, better not bother with human interaction

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  • 20/Abr/2021

    People say how Mondays suck, but for me what really sucks is Tuesday tbh.

    On Mondays it's the day you get back to doing things, so I at least get some energy of knowing I have some work to do, it's an alright day. Then it's Tuesday, the day when the energy already ends, the monotonous nature of weekdays hits again and you still have a long time before any meaningful thing you want to do.

    It's not that it's a day where bad things happen, but that it's the most empty-feeling one that leaves me the most depressed and asking why are we here just to suffer.

    Wednesday is not that bad because of the "you're halfway there", and the last two are good because of the anticipation.

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  • 20/Abr/2021

    One thing I've noticed, today there are only two* types of [first person] puzzle game

    The ones trying to emulate Portal "you're someone in some science lab place, there's some robot or recorded voice talking to you all the time in a cynical tone, you have some fancy device that can do things, generally making things float"

    The ones trying to emulate Antichamber "you're in some abstract non-euclidean space with vague to no direction given, it's full of pretentious simbolism and you interact with the weird mechanics of the world itself, generally something to do with perspective"

    The 'third' option being games that try emulating both.

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  • 18/Abr/2021

    As a more 'power user' kind of person, you start to get annoyed at how limiting software for mass appeal is.

    Don't get me wrong, I want to simply be able to do something without having to setup everything and tweak everything to be usable at all; But the issue is when things break, and my main annoyance is how these types of software are made assuming that nothing can ever break, and if it breaks, only the 'superintelligent geniuses' that created it must have tools to fix it at all.

    My Linux system will break for many reasons, and trying to find a solution to things can be annoying, but at least you have the tools necessary to do anything most of the time. While when something is not working right on my phone, good luck, there are no logs, network analysis tools, error codes or ways to modify things by myself, simply "clear the cache and reinstall" and pray it works, or factory reset the phone and hope you didn't nuke your data for nothing.

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  • [⚠About Weird Stuff] My opinion on TF + Mind alteration 15/Abr/2021
  • 11/Abr/2021

    To the people who I think are adorable: You are adorable! :)

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  • 08/Abr/2021

    Personal shrimp discovery: shrimps are lowkey kinda cute

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  • 06/Abr/2021

    Microwaves suck, who would known that an appliace that has existed for a relatively long time, with the sole purpose to (re)heat food, would suck at the only task it was made to do.

    It shoots electromagnetic waves that can melt your face, create electric arcs and explode stuff, but that are weak enough not not be able to evenly heat a lasagna or penetrate into the few milimiters of a bowl.
    You put stuff inside put almost 10 minutes, then half/the surface of it will be burning hot while the other half/inside will still be frozen, so you need to do multiple passes moving the food around so the "mighty" science heating magic can actually give a result as adequate as a normal oven

    How come now genius in all this time hasn't thought of a way to make microwaves less garbage

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  • Digital isn't the problem 05/Abr/2021
  • 03/Abr/2021

    I have no relevant skill, I have no real qualities, I suck at games, I suck at art, I suck at programming, I suck at learning. I have nothing that makes me worth anything

    I don't have the willpower or attention to work on anything, after two whole days of doing something it feels like a shore and I want to move on to do something else

    I can't offer anything more than mediocre


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  • 01/Apr/2021

    I like email more than instant messages, there there isn't the pressure of being 'instant'; With instant messaging it implies and feels like for anything someone says to you, you're supposed to always reply as soon as possible, while on email it's the understanding that it'll take some time to get a response, you still want to do it soon, but people won't be annoyed by the fact that you don't check your email every 5 minutes. I have a thing of simply not liking messaging, specially group messages, If you want to say something to me, message me, as generally I'll disable group notifications (90% is random parallel conversation that I'm not interested in being notified of), if it's important, call me.

    Also, it would be nice if email would still be a common contact thing to have, it's annoying to find someone I want to talk to, but all their contacts are on services I'm not on (I'll always be stubborn about not having a Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc.), while virtually everyone on the internet has email.

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  • 01/Apr/2021

    Companies: Stop pirating our games!
    People: Give us official easy means of playing them
    Companies: >:(

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  • 26/Jan/2021

    Here's some unpopular opinion, Google+, the failed Google social network, was actually fine.

    To just get the bad things first, of course it failed, of course it was Google trash, and of course the time when they tried pushing it to sync with all your accounts was really dumb.
    But honestly, it wasn't that bad by its own structures, the poing of separating people by circles was interesting, and the group functionality was pretty fine, I remember (with some rose tinted glasses) being in a bunch of games groups doing dumb preteen stuff like discussing FNAF and PokΓ©mon trainer RP (feel free to judge me). It's a "don't really want you back at all, but still have fond memories of when we were together" relationship.

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  • 30/Mar/2021

    One thing I still am confused, is the point of barbecue sauce to put it on stuff that isn't barbecued to make them taste like it or is it specific to put on barbecued stuff?

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  • Me being extremist about open source [hot take rambling post] 27/Mar/2021
  • 22/Mar/2021

    Unwritten rule of every (episodic) show, there must be at least one episode about love for at least the first season.

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  • Bring back FireWire 10/Mar/2021
  • 28/Fev/2021

    Some nitpicks with Plasma

    For a DE with so darn many options... It's really dumb not having a simple way of saving your configuration to restore on another machine or after some problem.

    Doesn't even need to be a full backup, at least have it in parts, one for the system settings, another for the layouts, another for the themes, etc. Having to load 10 different files still would be faster than having to go trough every single option you've changed in your old config and redoing it.

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  • 19/Fev/2021

    I am biased towards cool and cute dragons

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  • 14/Fev/2021

    After finding a good RSS reader, RSS feeds are really nice and practical, it's simply good to be able to follow stuff without having to rely on the person being in some specific service* or having to check 20 different sites all the time.
    [* I still refuse to have a Twitter account, so even if I can't interact, following people I like still is nice]

    My reader choices are: Fluent Reader and canto for desktop, and Feeder on phone.

    I really recommend RSS readers for streamlining if you follow things on multiple places and find a little dumb how sites try to hide they support feeds.

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  • Some nitpicks I have with Lua and how I'd 'fix' them 06/Feb/2021
  • 02/Feb/2021

    Today I'm 18, it's a nice day, if not that it's cloudy and that I never really like doing anything special in my birthday.

    It still feels like I was 14 just last year.

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  • A weird dream I had today 29/Jan/2021
  • Nothing more down here