(* "only one" means "only one I've tried"; all based on first impressions; element/fluffychat are web/desktop versions; based on current release versions, not nightly builds or planned stuff)

custom stickers and emojis

  • cinnny was the only one that would let me set and use custom emojis and stickers

  • fluffychat would let me set and pick emojis, but not set stickers

  • neochat lets me pick emojis and treats stickers as emojis (also whatever way it handles them seems to be incompatible with nheko)

  • nheko would let me set emojis and stickers but only let me use stickers

  • element doesn't let me set/use stickers* or emojis. it has a button to use stickers, but doesn't pick up the stickers set by other clients


  • neochat has no encyption/verification support

  • all others support being verified and issuing verification

voice and video

  • only element and nheko could do voice/video calls

  • apparently fluffychat can do voice, but I couldn't find the button to


  • element and cinny are the best ones at handling/displaying spaces, only show rooms you are in, but let you also see the other rooms in the space. and are the only ones that can create spaces

  • fluffychat separates by spaces but has a 'discover groups in this space' section you can't hide, and it doesn't even at least show all rooms in the space

  • nheko lets you separate by spaces, but shows all rooms of the space independently if you joined them or not

  • neochat has a 'spaces' section in the room list, but it doesn't serve for separating rooms or seeing the roms in a space

room management

  • neochat doesn't let you change room permissions

  • neochat and fluffychat don't let you change user roles (I think)

  • you can't pin/see pinned messages in neochat or cinny