So, one random thing I kind of daydream quite often:

having a kind of pocket dimension (a 'little universe') I can go to any time I want and there I can do and be literally anything I can think of, independently if it makes physical sense or not

It would be co-manage by some sort of mind reading ai thing, so if for example I want to 'create a village' it would make a village in a way I like but I don't have to describe every single detail of it

To guarantee I don't get stuck there, from time to time it will remove any 'effects' on me (if for example I get hypnotised by one of the creations there, after some time I'll regain my mind and chose to continue or stop it)

the best thing, I would be able to invite people into it, independently of how far away they are (if they want to) and we could create or have adventures together

maybe then I could finally give them hugs I could never give in real life

yes, I'm weird