My main annoyance for cryptobros is how much they try hiding true ideals. They always talk about genuinely wanting cryptocurrencies to be a way to offer better services, but their actions paint a different story; They don't care if the "crypto powered image" or "crypto based game" are actually fun things for people to do, or for cryptocurrencies to even be useful as actual money, all they care about is the "investments" aspect. Go to any "community" of some crypto based thing, and almost nobody is ever actually talking about how it's a better service or activity, it's always how the facade of it being a service makes whatever coin is behind it look more valuable. They say they want cryptocurrency to be used as actual currency, but the momment any currency starts becoming static and predictable, which is a good thing for day to day use, they say it's a dead project, because it's not good for investing, because it was never meant to be a currency , just some imaginary stock with the costume of a currency

Their entire world view is purely capitalistic, everything is just an asset with supply and demand to make money of in some imaginary stock market; But they will hide it, they say they actually care for artists, they say the care to want to make a better game, they say they want crypto to be used by normal people, but in their actual actions and ideals, anything that doesn't make number go up is wasted time "how can people say this art is bad, it costs thousands and there is so much investment potential... what do you mean people commission artists just because they think the image is good and not because they want to resell it?"

Not to mention destroying the magic of digital media, "things can be infinitely copied", this simple fact is completely against their super capitalistic world view of limited supply and demand, so they cheer in trying to limit it just so they can have their mock stock markets, even if it means destroying the main benefit of digital media, most of it is free (both in no money and in freedom to modify and share).

Like, at least be honest, you don't care about making a currency to set everyone free, you don't care about creating a """"free"""" internet with cool art and games, you only care about some fictional stock market disguised as some magical tool behind everything, just admit to this simple thing. But no, because it would be admitting all they do is push vaporware and make money with it