People say "earth is in the perfect position, no too close to the sun, and not too distant, perfect for life", but forget that planets' orbits, including earth's, are elliptical, and the distance from the sun varies in the MILLIONS of kilometers along the year (145 mil km perihelion and 152 mil km aphelion)

Why on fictional planets containing life, the planet is always a single biome, it's either an entire sand desert, an entire ice desert, an entire ocean, an entire jungle, an entire tundra and so on. If it's a planet conatining earth-like life, it's 'geography' would also be more earth-like, with parts ocean, parts land, different climates and so on. Entire ocean planets are just a bit more believable I guess.

Also on scifi movies, why when leaving or entering earth it's shown more reallistically with needing large powerful rockets and heat shielding and so on, then for every other planet you can easily come and go with a little flying car thing without issue?