🐲 -( ... )
I was thinking, and maybe for others it's a bit hard to understand the implications of having leaves as part of your body, so I decided to list a few things to share for now.

  • Sunbathing, very often. Having an open window for 12 hours a day is fine, though I also like darkness, and I like to be in it for some time
  • Insects, yes I have flowers sometimes, but they don't need polination, so bees being attracted to it is just annoying (I don't like insects)
  • [The ones on the face and tail] are very useful to tickle people, lol
  • No, these ones don't fall on Fall, they are tropical, not deciduous

Hope you found any of these interesting ^^__^^

(about) Trying something for fun, posts with '🐲' are from the perspective of me as my sona (did I mention I'm still furry trash?), though if I am to do a lot more of these I could hae another posts section just for it. Also for fun, comment on these as if talking to 'em, or not.