Thought process of when I'm interested in talking to someone:

  1. Worry about: I'm being dumb for expecting people to come to me, but me going after people feels me being needy
  2. Worry about how to start a conversation without being a weirdo or annoying
  3. Worry about not appearing uninterested but not too pushy
  4. Worry about not looking boring, but not being too full of self
  5. Worry about having topics to talk about but not being overwhelming
  6. Worry about not appearing like I want the conversation to end, but also not trying to be pushy about continuing
  7. Worry about wether or not the person doesn't hate me enough to not be annoyed if I try talking to them some other time
  8. Worry about wether the person is only putting up with you as a courtesy
  9. Worry about being a creeper for trying to talk to them multiple times or just a rando for not trying to talk to them multiple times

Come to conclusion: It's too hard, better not bother with human interaction