Warning: This post is my opinion on weird stuff like transformation and mind alteration stories/images

A someone who likes looking at pictures or reading weird stuff (for whatever reason it may be), two 'things' (not kinks for me, just interest) I find amusing are TF and mind alteration, they can be pretty interesting in their ways - specially paired with certain other stuff I like - and I can be quite opinionated about them in certain ways; Mainly how I don't like scenarios with both TF and (full) mind alteration.

I am the kind of person who over thinks stuff, even for random stories or images that are only there for quick amusement I feel like wondering about the subtext of it, mainly what happened after, and these topics are one of the coolest for me to think about in the 'what next way'.

With TF you have the story about the struggle of someone who's in a new body, who has to learn to adapt to it, who has to struggle with having others recognising them, the moments it would give them - specially on being turned into some unnatural being - and the interactions with people; In mind alteration, be it light (some behaviour changes) or heavy (full new personality) it also can create alluring narratives of trying to live with your past and new self trying to act together, or this new persona wanting to go their way while having to manage the life the other them had, with interactions with the friends of that person who thing this is still them; These both can create some engaging anecdotes in their different but similar ways.

Then there's the situations of both transformation and [full] mind alteration (with sometimes a reality change*), and in short that's basically killing a character, in long it's making the past character useless too.

The enticing aspect of these subjects are the "what if"s of the new self and old self (the same mind on a different body, a different mind on the same body), and what comes with a clash of identities. But when you have both, you basically get a brand new character, different body so no one will know it's the 'previous' one and new mind so not even themselves will know that, it removes the whole point of a struggle. You might as well have killed the previous character and used the atoms in their body to make a new one.

It's not that it's impossible for these scenarios to be fascinating, you could have this brand new entity have relapses of the past, or have the point of focus being on a second/third party who observed it; But considering most of these are random images made for the amusement and 'amusement' of weirdos like me, of course it would be hard to see it.

*reality alteration, basically the same thing, but not only discarding the character, also discarding the entire word. Unless there was some god-like being watching it happen, you might as well say the previous one never existed.

Extra random notes

  1. Yes I wrote an entire post about this extremely dumb topic
  2. Yes, I still ain't over having any long thing I write feel like an school essay
  3. Yes I used the thesaurus.com for the fancy words
  4. Vim's spell checker is 10 times more accurate that most ones out there, you should try it