Whenever there is another 'game company being d-' situation (Nintendo thanos snapping Mario, Sony closing PSP/3/Vita store) people always come to bring up how digital media is bad and not trustworthy; What about, the problem is not digital media, but the ass decisions companies do, like online-only DRM and not being able to save backups, things that are not inherently a part of digital media.

And without those, I argue that digital is easier to preserve than physical stuff. With physical you have this one single copy that can be lost or destroyed; While with digital things you can create virtually endless copies to be stored on multiple places, and shared with other people without you losing it (sharing is cool, unless you are a collector who likes hoarding hundreds of games you don't even play I guess), as what's the point of preservation if no one can play it anyway.

I'm not going to pretend piracy isn't a thing (and that's a topic for another day, but right now I'm legally obligated to say that I don't condone piracy), but I'll simply argue that if it weren't for digital copies of ROMs and stuff, I don't think many people today would have experienced many old games, would you really bother finding original hardware that's working, find an original copy of the game, which both can get pretty expensive, to 'correctly' play some old game you just now heard about?

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