I like email more than instant messages, there there isn't the pressure of being 'instant'; With instant messaging it implies and feels like for anything someone says to you, you're supposed to always reply as soon as possible, while on email it's the understanding that it'll take some time to get a response, you still want to do it soon, but people won't be annoyed by the fact that you don't check your email every 5 minutes. I have a thing of simply not liking messaging, specially group messages, If you want to say something to me, message me, as generally I'll disable group notifications (90% is random parallel conversation that I'm not interested in being notified of), if it's important, call me.

Also, it would be nice if email would still be a common contact thing to have, it's annoying to find someone I want to talk to, but all their contacts are on services I'm not on (I'll always be stubborn about not having a Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, etc.), while virtually everyone on the internet has email.