This was a really weird but kinda interesting dream I had this night, or at least one of the parts that I could remember.

I was doing normal stuff at my computer, then out of the window saw a quite big jumping spider looking at me, I looked back and decided to go downstairs to get some water or something. Saw two girls on the street looking inside, our dog and cat were on the porch (it's a gated house), I asked them if they wanted anything, they continued staring and didn't do anything,

I got my water and went back upstairs, the spider was still outside. Reading trough things I found a news article about a woman who found some kinda chemistry kinda magic way of turning people and animals into 'furry characters', and that two weird girls got that and started going around turning random people and animals they found. I went downstairs, to find the dog was okay, but the cat, was still in the shape of a cat, but had green stripes on the side and was saying things, I got more water and went to my room. I heard the sound of my dad's car coming, and went down to see him, when he got inside he was a kind of weird gryphon, he acted chill but dumbfounded about it, I said to him that he should be more careful and that sometimes he makes dumb decisions.

Supposedly a few days pass,we are at the backyard and my dad is getting some coconuts (we have a coconut tree) and talking about random topics as if he were talking to me but never letting me say anything (as usual). Then someone appears on the street calling us, they say they were working on the antidote and wanted us to come see his place. We went there, they told us the details about the researcher who made the technique and some back story about the girls, as a Power Point presentation, and gave my dad two bottles.

That's when I started waking up, before this one I also remember a scene with a pizzeria, but lost the more interesting details and the general thing is quite boring.