Questions and answers

If you put 'eha' at the start of a phrase, it turns it into a yes/no question.
When followed by one of these words, it turns into other types of question, they always apply to the subject

  • renide - which/what (seri)
  • renise - which (seriv, serin)
  • lokade - where
  • netóde - when · phrase must have a verb
  • hisase - how, as in "how are you"
  • hisde - how, as in "how did you do it"
  • ratel - would, could, should (depends on context)

eha hisase John - how's John?
eha hisase John tokisen - how's John doing when they write a poem?
eha hisde Jogn tokisen - how does John write a poem?
eha lokade nimo toki tokisen nesmo John - where is the poem that John wrote?
neqa tibao qódit dej eha lokade neba John eldasen - where will John go tonight?

'eha' used before an order makes it more of a suggestion
eha lemortotu - you should love

I don't think I've said it before, btw, 'ahe' at the start of a phrase negates it

some other words

  • pieh - life, to live
  • ehar - laugh, to laugh
  • lemore - love, to love
  • nimo nidit - the day before yesterday
  • nidit - yesterday
  • qódit - today
  • nedit - tomorrow
  • neba nedit - the day after tomorrow