Something something, the ehriraki family structure words, and the grammatical cases. These are simpler topics, so it will mostly be listing and explaining words.


  • ahqan - blood family
  • ahqo - relationship family, those who are close to you emotionally
  • peqo - parent, caretaker, verb to take care, to protect
  • pekri - the one who gives birth, verb to give birth (specifies birth mother, not caretaker mother)
  • pekió - the person(s) who you partner with for a long time (not specifically dating or married*), verb to partner
  • mesqo - sibling, of same peqo or pekri
  • peqoa - grandparent
  • peqo(sa, si, se, no)a - (great, great·2, great·3, great·4)grandparent (after that, say peqonoa-peqo)
  • krive - child, descendent, to descend

To talk about other family members, concatenate the words that relate them to you

  • peqo-mesqo - parent's sibling (uncle)
  • peqo-mesqo-krive - parent's sibling's child (cousin)

Not part of formal language: Some people shorten the more common concatenated names

  • peqo-mesqo - pemqo
  • peqo-mesqo-krive - pemki
  • peqoa-mesqo - peqam

* Historically, most Kaihnem Ohba groups don't have the structure of a marriage; Being together for a long time, being intimate and wanting to raise descendents are different parts of a relation that can be there or not.

Grammatical cases

locative -ma (n+m->v, m+m->n) except for esdia and lokia
instrumental -let (l+l->r, any+l->l)
accusative -nie (any+n->n)
  • locative - the noun is a location (equivalent to 'in', 'at', 'on')
  • instrumental - a noun is the instrument or means by or with which the subject achieves or accomplishes an action
  • accusative - marks the direct object, optional for an SVO phrase

Some extra words

  • qópe - team, group, community, verb to form a group
  • króre - society, large group
  • tula - every part of a group (all the gears of a clock)
  • tóre - the whole of a group (the clock, which is made of gears), verb to make something whole
  • toki - poem, verb to write a poem
  • pona - simple, verb to simplify, to break apart (as a conlang nerd, sorry but I had to :))
  • salil - flying animal, bird?

min tuleihni krórenie pona
nintae peqo minej toqore desa lalil za qópema