Galeriz - Flodia GalezΓ© forest (Foreign name)

Localized in an area known for trees that have metallic-looking roots due to Gallium deposits, it's a small tribe with only a few 20ish families plus a few, who live in a more sparsely populated way.

They are focused on community efforts and divide power between a set of four representants chosen by vote each end of year.


Initiated close to the end of the old era, it was originally a small group of other tribes members who decided to specialize in the study of the area and specifically the metallic vegeation soon found. For most of the time it was a small rural place with a few merchants passing every few days. It always was a quite peaceful and slow-ish place.


Althought small and generally unremarkable, they are known in the close region for high quality metal work, specially gallium and copper, and basic electronics.

They have always been seen as keeping the nature around them in good condition, respecting it and making sure it is as good as it can look, because of that they don't view heavily artificial areas as a benefit.