Helluva Boss

"It doesn't count if they don't find the body"

Follow Blitz, an imp who sets out to run his own small assassin business with his weapons specialist Moxxie, bruiser Millie, and his daighter/receptionist hellhound Loona. Together they attempt to survive each other while running a startup in Hell.

One amazing show with a lot of inspiration from things like Invader Zim and Billy & Mandy, with one very good balance between fun violence, introspective moments, and cheearable characters.

Thank you, Viv, for this amazing show, also, is Hazbin episode 1 ever going to come out!?

moxxie my beloved

Precious dork, lover of music, guns, and specially Millie. An imp with a lot of heart and morals. And of course because of that he is the target of most jokes, specially by Blizø.


Gay owl

"Am I going to get any "thank you" for the rescue, Blitzy?" ―Stolas before leaving the human world
stolas under sheets fluffy stolas

And one amazing singer and dad!

bleppy Blitzø

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