All Tomorrows

A Billion Year Chronicle of the Myriad Species and Mixed Fortunes of Man

A speculative evolution book written by C. M. Kosemen (as Nemo Ramjet) in 2006, orignially released as a pfd online.

All Tomorrows explores a hypothetical future path of human evolution set from the near future to a billion years from the present, with several future human species evolving through natural means and through genetic engineering, conducted specially by a mysterious and superior alien species called the Qu.

It's one specially interesting story trough the sheer magnetude of the events and time passed between them; And the weirdness of the post-human creatures that appear, from their behaviour and society to their appearances, appearning in highly stylized paintings.

It got quite popular in recent times (June to July of 2021) due to the YouTube algorithm picking up a video by Alt Shift X describing the book in an engaging way.

Snake People are cool

"The scorching sun eventually cooled down, and life flooded back to the surface from her subterranean stronghold. As animals of all kinds exploded into the terrestrial niches that had been left vacant for millennia, so did the descendants of the worms. On the surface, they found new opportunities as entire assemblages of serpentine grazers, swimmers, predators... and people."

These quite alien human descendants are what we would say agoraphobic, prefering tight closed spaces and staying inside, over the open outside, which reflects on their cities being tightly knotted tube-like connections and hole-like homes. Where either way these people live trough their lives as fulfiling as any other human.

The snake person illustration from All Tomorrows

Pcitured: A Snake person at home, enjoying a book while smoking and listening to vibrational ground-music. Through the open door can be seen the chaotic tangle of the city.

(fan art) Lo-Fi snake people beats to relax/study [inside] to The Lo-Fi studying girl scene, but it's a snake person

Yes, I simp snake people

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