It's kinda annoying being a relatively short person and
a) the games are scaled for taller people so you either have this awkward pov of everything being too big
b) you use the height adjustment, but it now means the in game ground is bellow your real ground, and it still doesn't account for reachability

Games for example account for a longer arm reach, so I have to stretch to an uncomfortable degree to get to things (top left/right notes on Beat Saber, things over counters on games that push you back if you walk into things) that wouldn't be an issue for a taller person

VR games (or platforms) should implement relative scaling instead of simply PoV height adjustment. So for example if the game accounts that your character is 1.8m tall, it doesn't simply raise your camera view to match it, it scales the entire world in relation to you, so 1.8m in the game world is equivalent to your actual height; This also means the game can account for reachability, so your irl reach matches (more) the reach the game expects