It's really dumb whenever people say "don't bother with systems/low level programming, web is the future, it's where you'll get an actual job".

For these things I say: alright, web develepoment is nice, and I'm actually not opposed to stuff like electron and PWAs, they are fine; But, where do you expect these things to run!? Every web browser, every OS to run the browser or Node has to be written in a systems programming language, just because Web technology is the new, cool, magic thing, doesn't mean that anything else somehow is irrelevant; Good luck getting your fancy WebGL app running if we were stuck with 2010 systems and drivers, because everyone were to decide systems programming is not worth and all new advancements have to be made on web technology. The world still needs [actually] native programs, operating systems, and drivers, and it still takes people to develop and maintain them!