Some tech opinions that don't have enough thought put into them to be their own post, some more personal, some more obvious

Doesn't matter how much you say your program is private and safe, if it's not open source I have no reason to trust you, specially when it uses some online service [or is open source but uses some server service that can't be self hosted], yes, being open source isn't a guarantee that there isn't trackers, it's just a lower chance of having one

Arch is a really good distro, would be better if it wasn't quite a meme and had a less shitty "have an issue? GTFO and RTFM n00b!!!!" community

The AUR is cool and all, but not that much in practice as you have to compile everything (there are some bins, but they are very uncommon), it's fine when you have one or two AUR programs, but not when you have 20 and updating them takes hours because of compiling, also all the build dependencies that clutter your system

AppImages and Flatpaks are the way, simple to install 'portable' and sandboxed programs are standard features on many modern systems, classical package managers still have their reason for example with system components, but userland programs don't need root privilege when installing or to have full user account access

Apple in an ethical view is absolute trash that shouldn't be congratulated for anything, their 'privacy focused' images falls completely when you understand that what they mean isn't "you are private", is "you are private from others, we still have the power to spy you for any reason we want, what are you gonna do? move all your tools to another ecosystem? lol", besides the being anti right to repair and overall set shitty trends for tech

Call me a conspiracy theorist, Mozilla is purposefully making their browser shittier and shittier, the new Firefox Android app is extremely limited compared to the old one (you can't even move tabs!), the new desktop update deprecated compact mode making it horrible to use on laptop screens, of course a bunch of their default configs suck and cripple the broswer and so on, these mny bad decisions one after another is not a bunch of separate misshappennings

The Windows layout (one bar with menu button, window list and tray) is the best for least use of screen space without scrificing quick access to information and controls, specially when the bar is on the side of the screen as it takes less horizontal space for mainly blank areas, a way to make it even better is to have the menus (File, Edit, Settings...) integrated on the program title bar, saving more vertical space for specially maximized windows

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