Most 'rhythm' games are actually about extremely fast arbitrary movement and being able to react to a thousand circles coming towards you at mach 20 while remembering which of the 4 buttons to press, with some vague connection to the beat but just that, no real use of the song itself as part of gameplay, you can see that on stuff like Guitar Hero/DDR type games, osu!, and many others.

The only games I've seen that are more about the actual rhythm are Rhythm Heaven, Rhythm Doctor and (official levels of) A Dance of Fire and Ice, where doing good is not about trying to react to hundreds of things flying to you, and in fact the visuals are more to be appreciated or as a distraction, but internalizing the rhythm, tempo, arrangement and sound cues to have an almost instant automatic response to the tunes, while actually appreciating it, as you must pay attention to the sound, also being simple to play, only requiring one button or few at a time to play. They for me create this really good sensation when you are doing good that you are actually going with the flow of the song, still stressed, but a fun stress, instead of being stressed that I missed because I can't move my mouse fast enough to hit circles appearing all around the screen that I have one millisecond to react to.

Not that I hate the previous games, just that I don't find their approach at being rhythm games (as in being not about rhythm at all) fun, I want to play a rhythm game for the music and the feeling of flowing with it, not going trough some test for super-human reflexes.

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