You know what would be nice, if GTK, or most programs in general (Electron, wxWidgets, even some Qt) didn't treat non-GTK programs as second class.
I use Plasma (btw), and it's quite annoying how unless I'm using a KDE program, nothing will respect my DE preferences like default programs, file dialogs window borders, it always defaults to some GTK setting or don't work at all.

Is it that hard to remember Linux != only Gnome1 I'm not asking GTK programs to follow my Plasma theme (it's impossible and I can live with the absolute unglyness that is adwaita2) just, respect my darn fonts and file dialogs.

  1. specially when the Gnome devs like to be the Apple of Linux software and go out of their way to make so only their stuff works and it's broken for veryone else, but that's a rant for another time 

  2. GTK's inexistent real theme engine and the 'Please don’t theme our apps' things is another (irrelevant in the real world) can of worms that is also related with Gnome's doucheness 

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