As a more 'power user' kind of person, you start to get annoyed at how limiting software for mass appeal is.

Don't get me wrong, I want to simply be able to do something without having to setup everything and tweak everything to be usable at all; But the issue is when things break, and my main annoyance is how these types of software are made assuming that nothing can ever break, and if it breaks, only the 'superintelligent geniuses' that created it must have tools to fix it at all.

My Linux system will break for many reasons, and trying to find a solution to things can be annoying, but at least you have the tools necessary to do anything most of the time. While when something is not working right on my phone, good luck, there are no logs, network analysis tools, error codes or ways to modify things by myself, simply "clear the cache and reinstall" and pray it works, or factory reset the phone and hope you didn't nuke your data for nothing.