This is a post without any structure, hard tohught or work put into it

I have the opinion that, if it isn't commercial software, there is no reason for it to not be open source, or the devs be open about it. Commercial software can be open source, but it at least makes sense to be proprietary.

Non commercial stuff that isn't open source or open about development seems shady or just a bit dumb. Specifically in you'd be doing something for generally a community, but you aren't being honest by refusing to communicating with them

I trust commercial proprietary software a lot more than non-commercial proprietary stuff, as I'd imagine there is less reason for a genuine business to put some Bitcoin miner or trojan on their program.

Not that you need to make public every single thing you do, just, if you announce something, don't be the "one update post every 6 months without any signal of life in between", or "discontinuing something people like out of nowhere"

This is one of the posts I'm eager to get responses, feel free to contact and tell me how I'm wrong and dumb.

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